How to spot a ransomware attack

One of the most terrifying things that can happen to your business is a ransomware attack.

The reason they can do so much damage is they secretly break into your system a long time before the attack is launched. The one upside of this is you can...

Microsoft Planner

Reach for big goals this year with Microsoft Planner!

Microsoft has been providing businesses around the globe the tools they need to decrease their costs and smooth out workflows for years. Only a few contenders such as Google and even OpenOffice have been able to compete with...

4 ways to make video calls better in 2021

4 ways to make video calls better in 2021 to make video calls better in 2021!

I think we can all accept by now, that video calls will continue to be a staple of business communications next year. But did you know you can considerably improve your calls...

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is perfect for video calls!

Have you been using Zoom for your video calls? Microsoft Teams is a better business solution, and keeps all your activity with your staff in one place. Lets Talk!